Thursday , June 24 2021

Dark Mode Reduces Battery Costs: Google

Dark Mode Reduces Battery Costs: Google

Google has finally announced that the dark mode on Android phones reduces battery costs. Internet giant Google has published some information about how battery life has decreased.

Google told this information to everyone last week at the Android Developer Summit. Google also talked about some applications for developers to talk to the battery.

We all have the idea that the brightness of the screen is one of the biggest obstacles to battery saving. Also, the screen name of the slash gear display is said to be more expensive than the battery consumption by Google.

During the presentation, Google said that using the dark mode will save up to 43 percent of battery usage. It is said that the battery can save more than the flower brightness in normal mode. The YouTube application uses too much brightness and the battery consumption is high.

Google acknowledged that it is wrong for developers to promote the use of white mode at the conference. Now the subject of dark mode appeared in their declaration.

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