Friday , October 7 2022

Better than meeting the president. Letter from Chowdhury


President. Abdul Hamid and AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury

President. The Joint Front President and Bangladesh Alternative President Abdul Hamid wrote a letter asking for time to discuss the upcoming elections and former Professor of Bangladesh AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury.

In other news, Bangladesh's Secretary General, Major Abdul Mannan, sent a letter to the CEC to meet.

On Tuesday, November 6, the secretary of the organizer, Barrister Omar Faruque, informed the Bengali Tribune. He said,; Today (Tuesday) sent a letter with the President to discuss the elections on Wednesday (November 7th). In addition, the election commission was handed over to the CEC on Friday (November 9th) by the Electoral Commission Secretary-General's Election Commission. .

"The leaders of the United Front are interested in discussing some important issues with you," said B. Chowdhury in his letter to the president. Said. "According to the constitution," he said in his letter. As a result, you want to discuss the powers and responsibilities of the Electoral Commission to make the election process neutral. & # 39;

In the letter, the letter is requested by the President tomorrow (November 7, Wednesday) said that the time planning.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of Bangladesh (Abduldümen) gave a letter to the CEC for the time being discussed. In his letter, Major (retd) Mannan sought time to meet with the MSK on election on Friday (November 9th) with a delegation.

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