Tuesday , August 9 2022

Android Smartphone battery life will grow in dark mode


(Priyaa average) Giant Google's Android operating system phones will increase your battery backup in dark mode.

In a recent meeting with developers, how did the Android operating system spend on the battery show Google? Developers informed this information to improve the battery backup during application creation.

However, more batteries cannot be saved in Dark mode. Because Brightness is the indication of the maximum battery damage on the Android phone. Also, depending on the color shown on the screen, how much will the battery cost.

Using dark mode, the entire color theme becomes black and changes. This allows less color operation of the screen.

According to Google, 43% less battery is lost when compared to normal mode in YouTube in dark mode. Because many of this application is covered in white.

Previously, the organization inspired all developers to use white color when creating an application. Google acknowledged that the decision was wrong.

Source: Slashgear

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