Monday , May 16 2022

AL leader clashes, death count increased by 4


Wounded relatives in Narsingdi Sadar Hospital Photo: NTV

Between the two sides of the Awami League there was a clash between Chosingchal Bazar and Nilakshya's Raipura upazila of Narsingdi.

There is a clash in the Banshagari region today on Friday morning. The collision in Nilakshya was again at noon. Tofail Rana (16) was killed in the morning clash. Three more people were killed in the second clash.

The people who died were described as Bhriigaon village of Sohrab (30), Swapan (27) and Maml Ali of Gopinathpur village (40) in the same unit. More than half of the wounded were injured in the conflict.

Police arrested 13 people for alleged involvement. 9 firearms were collected from the prisoners.

The clashes took place in the Balumath district of Bansgari village under the Banshangari Association and Gopalnathpur in Nilakshya on Friday morning. The wounded were given treatment in different private hospitals, including Narsingdi Sadar Hospital. Three of them were sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital under critical conditions.

Tofail Rana, who died, was an SSC examiner of the Banshagari High School. Rana is known as a supporter of Hafizur Rahman Saheed, former president of the Banshangari League Awami League in local politics.

Relatives of the deceased and the police said the dispute between the supporters of the late Hafiz Rahman Rahman Saheed government and the former Upazila Awami League leader and former president Sirajul Haq has been going on for a long time. At the same time, there have been multiple deaths, including an attack on both sides, including President Sirajul Haque. Meanwhile, clashes between supporters of today's President Ashraful Haque and supporters Hafizur Rahman Shahid government supporters Jamal, Zakir and Banshgari village Balumath area occurred Friday morning. SSC reporter Tofail Rana was shot dead in his place. At least 10 people were injured in the attack.

Gopalnathpur Birgao in the Nilkhana region of Upazila A conflict occurred between the two sides of the Awami League in Kandapara village. One person died in the afternoon in Sohrab Mia (30). After spreading the news, the conflicts began to create more horrors after the evening. Two people, including Swapan (27) and Morme Ali (40), died after the evening closed the conflict.

"We've detained 13 people in this case. We found nine firearms and a few bullets. There are a lot of police supplies that calmed the situation in Char."

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