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Abahani in the semifinals of the dramatic win


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Defending champions Dhaka Abahani reached the semi-finals of the Federation Cup after defeating Arambagh Krira Chakra at the time of injury. Yesterday at the Bangabandhu Stadium, the first quarter finals of the tournament ended 3-2. 10 times in the dramatic win, the record lasted several times. And frustration-related frustration is becoming the champion of groups with rumors of arambagh The first half of the first half ended in equation 2-2. At the 7th minute of the game, Bappir took over the lead of Abambani against Abahani. Paul Camillon's ball left the impression that Cameroon pushed Paul Emil from the heights of Nigerian Chiado Matthews, making a strong shot. At the end of 30 minutes, Abahani market is turning parallel to Chijoba. Chigon Head meets the ball from the right side of the ball and defender defense is attacked. Send this ball back to Nigerian. Three minutes later, Arambagh went again from the penalty. Ablyn Mohammed Shahidul Alam bounced the Bappi in the D-box out of control by Emil. Referee playing flute referee. And the spot kick, finishing Uzbekistan forward Bobojanov Iqbalzhan Normatovich Abahani's Sohel Rana took the match in the first half of the match. Arambagh goalkeeper Mazharul Islam was defeated by a bullet shot outside the Himel D-box. Abahani may go for a second break. Planned 90 minutes until anyone saw the net. As the match moves towards tiebreaker, Kerven's nightmares at Philips Bellford have nightmares. In the third minute of his injury, Nabib Newag's Free-Kee tricked the Haitian-winning lineup into the goal of winning Goet Barman. Unpleasant events occur after the last flute market. Some people went to the Arambagh Dagout and attacked the assistant referees. The fast cops came and took control of the situation.
The first semi-final match will be played on November 21st. Today, in the second quarter finals, Saif Sporting Club and Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club will face the winning team Abahani. Arambagh Krira Chakra is the group champion of this year's tournament winner. After winning the tournament, Abahani saw the defeat in the last game of the group stage. In his first match against Group A, Rahmatganj defeated Arambagh with a 3-1 goal. Chittagong Abahani match lost two goals in the group match, 2 – 2 & # 39; And in 4-2 win, Arambagh wins. Rahmatgana fired twice before losing the game. In their first match, they saw 3-1 goals against Chittagong. Dhaka Abahani and Sheikh Russel Khelak Chakra confirmed the quarter-finals holding a match in Group C. After defeating Muktijoddha Sangsad Krira Chakra 1-0, Abahani defeated Sheikh Russell in the same match with the group champions. The freedom fighter fell at two levels in the group stage. In their second match, they saw a 2-0 defeated winner of Sheikh Russell.

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