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& # 39; I can report next year & # 39;

Actor-producer, playwright and songwriter Sohail Arman. Son of legendary creator Amjad Hossain. His father appeared with making and acting. The first drama was made on Bangladesh TV in the story of Sohail Arman. The name of the game & # 39; Yellow disease of green & # 39 ;. Manufactured by Farooq Bhuiyan. Toukir Ahmed and Afsana Mimi played a lot in the game. Asked about that time, Sohail Arman said it wasn't easy to write plays for Bangladesh Television. BTV has to make auditions for each sector. If not listed, no one can play for BTV. Now everyone who writes is playing. They're not given auditions. But all the playwrights from BTV are talented. At that time it was just a channel in Bangladesh. Values ​​were evaluated. However, as before, talent is no longer evaluated. Sohail Arman is an actor and producer from the playwright. He made his first game for Bangladesh Television. With the drama “Faded Prajaprati dı, the audience took part and was creative. So far, the filmmakers say they've released three plays. How satisfied are you with acting and construction right now? In response to this question, he said, I am a member of an art family. I grew up with the industry. I can tell, I'm working in the media while my blood is drawn. It's still a big thing to set myself up with age. Now I don't want to calculate how satisfied you are. I hope the audience can do something better. Amjad Hossain's successor had been away from the small screen for several years. He said he didn't appear on the small screen because he was too busy working from 20 to 25 on the big screen. During this time & # 39; This is love & # 39; made a film called. The film, starring Shakib Khan and Bindu, received a huge reaction from the audience. Meanwhile, when asked about the news of the new film in our speech today, Sohail Arman said that the current film market is not very good. We're still planning a new movie. Maybe I can report it next year. In addition to the production, the player was last seen on the screen last year. Five years later, producer Uday Bangali's Backspace & # 39; starred in a game called. What about the current activity? & # 39; This love & # 39; creative, says I'm now more busy with small screen work. Recently & # 39; Rajputra & # 39; I made a game called. Apurba and Tanjin Tisha. Many manufacturers complain that the drama of this period is quite a budget crisis. What is Sohail Arman's comment on this issue? He said the budget depends on the story of a game. We have many creators who can't figure out how to budget for a story. Simply put, the budget for the story will be determined. Choosing budget-based stories doesn't make sense. Sohail Arman has an identity other than an actor-producer. He is a songwriter for many popular songs. "I want to get into your head", "You're my sleep", "Don't let fly", "Best Bangladesh" songs have been written by him. Why aren't you regular with music? In response to this question, he said that about seventy songs were written. Many artists and composers asked me to write songs. However, due to the intensity of the construction, I cannot devote time to the song.

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