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& # 39; Bright Inspector2018 & # 39; Created at the brightest event


Ujjala student Jahanara taken by Akter Dhaka & # 39; Style Icon 2018 & # 39; medal. Photo: NTV

I've been thinking about a bright organization for a long time. I wanted to give a different understanding to form experts. Finally, the dream is on my way to meet me. We started the Ujjalara Application. , Ujjala, spokesperson for the founding president of Bangladesh, Aditya Soum, is one of the most influential training centers in Bangladesh. On Wednesday, on the occasion of the first anniversary of Ujjalala, in the Bangladeshi Academy of Education in Bangladesh, it is stated that the Çarşamba Ujjalla Patrakar2018 & # 39; A program called. Aditya Soum said there.

Aditya Saum, & # 39; Ujjhala & # 39; Afroza praised the founding and executive director of Parvin, it was impossible to work alone on my behalf, without Afroza Parvin. We want to do a better job in the future. I would like to know that many companies such as Ujjalera in Bangladesh. Let women move fast.

General Manager of SME Foundation Md. Shafiqul Islam, one of the pioneers of beauty industry in Bangladesh, Ziya Ajir Rahman, Zerina Ajgar, craftsman researcher, writer and design consultant Chandra Shekhar Saha, Managing Director of Persona Kaniz Almas Khan Dalia Akter. The program was presented by Mautusi Biswas and Azhara Mahmood.

The program began in the morning with the help of the national anthem to be respectful and respectful of the country. Ujjalla 's Managing Director and Co-founder of Afroza Parvin company to explain his journey & # 39; There are a lot of beauticians in our country & # 39; said. They will try to improve their abilities, and we will. "

In the morning, one of the pioneers of the beauty industry in Bangladesh, Zerina Azgar, was given the Life Insurance Award. I'm also honored & # 39; The first six women are also given six sections.

Music artist Shampa Riza, Meherin Mahmud, models and actress Sadia Islam Mou, Banya Mirza, Sharif Sharif Lucky and others were present in the program. He was a musician to Uddin Ahmed Topu.

The beauty festival begins with the participation of Ujjalala students in the evenings. This competition is organized to create high quality boutiques throughout the country. 30 students from Ujjala participated in three different categories. They participate in the main stage competition and participate in the main category. Sadia Islam Moy, Meherin Mahmud, SharmFan and Tahsina Shaheen's Bridal makeup and hairstyle & # 39; in the category of judges.

& # 39; Haircut, Color & Style & # 39; The judges of the category Nilufara Khandakar, Chanchal Mahmud, Kazi Kamrul Islam and Ejaculated Rahman and 'Makeup & Style & # 39; was evaluated by Shampa Reza, Banya Mirza and Shaibal Saha. Jahanara Akhter, Ujjala student of the University of Dhaka, said, 'For the highest praise, the' Style Icon 2018 & # 39; received the medal.

Shaibal Saha expressed his feelings in the program and said “Many thanks to the Ujjala family. Let's go further, that's my wish.

Shampa Reza, & # 39; Girls will not forget the heritage of the country, I'll say it & # 39; said. Makeup on the tradition. It is not right to follow the Western style more often these days. Women in our country have different beauty. Desi Luque looks better than them.

On the other hand, Sadia Islam Mou said, kız Every girl in the country must have self-confidence. I'm looking for more. Congratulations to the bright family and thank you.

Efficient partner of Bright Guides 2018, Berger Paints was the event partner of Bangladesh, Strikes, Grandvair, Dabur and Coca-Cola. Media partner NTV Online, Channel I, Bangladesh Every Day, Ice Today and Canvas. Introducing Sajjad Saju, the payment partner and photo partner

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