Wednesday , November 25 2020

Wrong solution? Hummels repairs “Beat the Star” – Tv

On Saturday, host Cathy Hummels competed with pop singer Stefanie Hertel on the evening show. And it became more exciting than initially anticipated.

It was clear from the beginning: Cathy Hummels wants to prove that she is more than the wife of world football champion Matts Hummels. During the introductory tour, he introduced himself as a moderator and writer. But he finally let it be known that he was married to the super batter.

He was almost shy during the first few games of the show. He didn’t need to hide at all. Even if he didn’t win the first games, he gave a hint that something was in the box. “Who is this?” But he did not give his opponent a chance. Even more: he took direction even on the mangle!

The rules are easy to explain: a celebrity’s photo pops up and the ladies have to say their first and last name. When a photograph of a woman appears, Cathy Hummels hits the bell and shouts “Ana Schweinsteiger”. A brief confusion with the moderator Elton. There is the name “Ana Ivanovich” on their cards. And now what?

Elton had to believe

It is possible that Cathy knows more than the editors who solved the question. In 2016, he married former tennis player Bastian Schweinsteiger, who was retired. Even then, there was confusion about her last name, apparently Ana didn’t change it right away. He just said he had no time and would do it anyway.

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Matts Hummels are very good colleagues, they played together for a long time. So Cathy is unlikely to know that she changed Ana’s last name anyway. Elton trusted that the influencer was on the safe side and accepted the answer and said, “They got married.” It didn’t matter that much anyway: Cathy could easily win the game.

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