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When art dissolves in the air «

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The coup in Vienna Dorotheum was a prosperity and probably a professional job. Auguste Renoir 's "Golfe, mer, verteleri impoverished" is incomplete. Art theft is a highly profitable crime, but it is rare in Austria.

between Michael Tschida | 20:16, 28 November 2018

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Who knows these guys? © (c) APA / LPD VIENNA (UNKNOWN)

Pierce Brosnan is incredible. In ç The Thomas Crown Affair mak (1999), the gentleman has cleverly stolen a $ 100 million picture of Claude Monet from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as a Wall Street millionaire.

The three perpetrators at the Vienna Dorotheum had no gentlemen and were not at all sophisticated, but arrogant: According to a police report, three unknowns entered an auction in the 1st district on Monday at 15: 15 and the preview image prepared by Auguste 2 It is targeted to. Renoir was supposed to be auctioned yesterday. From 12095 to 160 thousand euros, a small coastline showing "Golfe, mer, lost verililer" ("beach, sea, green cliffs", 24 x 30 cm) from the estimated from 1895.

According to the information received from the APA, the trio removed the frame from the photo and triggered a silent alarm. The second was neither approved nor rejected by the police; When this event learned the coup and came to the scene, criminals and prey were already dissolved in the air.

"We can be a professional," said Patrick Maierhofer, spokesman for the Vienna Police Department. Images of surveillance cameras show three athletic-looking men, two of them carrying larger shopping bags. It is unclear whether she was buried in the picture of Renoir. According to the police, the suspects are separated from the building by various exits.

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