Wednesday , April 14 2021

"We don't have to, but we can!"

RIEDLER. Today, he is presented with the new sports director and head coach Gerald Baumgartner of SV Guntamatic Ried. Be an open target: the introduction to the Bundesliga. His plan: to strengthen the "we" sense, to work together and fully attack in the spring.

From 1992 to 1995, 54-year-old Oberndorfer, who played in Ried, will begin his dual role as coach and sport director on January 1st. According to Roland Daxl, Managing Director of SV Ried Fußball GmbH and Financial Affairs Director, the decision to use one person in both regions met experts. Daxl said, thanks to the sports director Fränky Schiemer. "There is also Usus in the UK. There are two ways to look at the path to success," says Daxl. Fränky didn't have an easy time, everything he did wasn't bad, and he did a great job, "says Daxl.

2.5 years in contact

The contact between the SVR and the new coach took 2.5 years. Already at that time were the first discussions. Dı Gerald Baumgartner was our ideal candidate because he was perfectly suited to our needs, and in a very short period of time, he turned the spark into excitement, and already demonstrated in such a dual function, D says Daxl.

Don't be afraid of the push seat

"I'm very motivated and I'm looking forward to this task. Today we've had it in the cabin. Great people of high quality. I want to feel ourselves, so everyone gets what's best of themselves and attacks completely in the spring. Birkaç We can do that at 39, oyun says Baumgartner, who is calm about frequent coaching changes in the past of the SVR. 39 When deciding, 39, Baumgartner says, "The perfect infrastructure and the team have thought, and of course it is very interesting to be in a club. And as Daxl explains," can "is emphasized: We can print, we can go up and of course we can't, but we don't have to. baskı

Schweitzer is back on board

Gerald Baumgartner and former longtime coach SVR Gerhard Schweitzer are returning. "Gerhard will be involved in the game and player observations and talent development for us, but the exact match of the missions will only be done with Gerald Baumgartner," Daxl adds.

Wanted poster Gerald Baumgartner

• Born on November 14, 1964 in Oberndorf near Salzburg
• Stations as players: SV Austria Salzburg (until 1987), FK Austria Vienna (1987-89), SV Austria Salzburg (1989-91), Vienna first 1894 (1991), SK Forward Steyr (1991-92) , SV Ried (1992-95), SK Oberndorf (1995-98), Union Vöcklamarkt (1998-99), SK Oberndorf (1999-2004)
• Staff as a coach: SV Austria Salzburg offspring (2003-05), Red Bull Juniors (co-coach, 2005-11), Red Bull Juniors (2011/12), FC Pasching (2012/13), SKN St. St. Pölten (2013/14), FK Austria Vienna (2014/15), SV Austria Salzburg (2015/16), SV Mattersburg (2017/18)

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