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Vienna Insurance: What is really exciting now … ()


The Vienna Insurance Course will be announced on 10.11.2018, at 20:29 am with 24.29 EUR in the home exchange in Vienna. The paper belongs to the "Multi-Life Insurance" segment.

We analyzed this stock as 7 points and evaluated it as "Buy", "Hold" or "Sales". You will find the overall score that results from the analysis.

1. Technical analysis: The average closing price of Vienna Insurance shares in the last 200 trading days is currently EUR 25.05. The final closing price (EUR 24.28) was therefore deviated from -3.07%, which corresponds technically to a ”hold Son valuation. Let's look at the average for the last 50 trading days. In addition, for this value (EUR 24.01), the final closing price is close to the moving average (+1.12%), so the Vienna Insurance share receives a) holding 24 rating for this. As a result, the Vienna Insurance share receives a "hold" note for simple graphing technology.

2. Investors: The basis of investor sensitivity is the discussions and interactions of market participants in social media around the stock market. In the last two weeks, Vienna Insurance was discussed in particular as positive. During the two days, while the discussion was mainly characterized by positive issues, one day negative communication was dominant. Right now, for a day or two, it's also all the positive issues that investors are interested in. Due to this sensitivity, today the stock is taking a "purchase" estimate. This gives the Vienna Insurance a "buy" grade based on the investor feeling barometer as a whole.

3. Relative Strength Index: Relative Strength Index, abbreviated as RSI, indexes the movement of stock prices within 7 days by linking upward movements to the number of transactions. The standard range is between 0 and 100. The Vienna Insurance RSI is considered to be over-sold 13.85. This causes the rating to be a "purchase". RSI25 extends the calculation period up to 25 days. RSI 57.32 for Vienna Insurance. This is considered a "Hold" zugeodnert which is an indication of what the excessive purchase has been sold. In general, we reward the category of "buy" in this category.

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