Wednesday , March 3 2021

US record sales for online record battle expected

"Cyber ​​Monday"

Analysthaus estimates that US customers spend about $ 7.8 billion on the Internet today.

In the US, digital businesses continue to explode in the annual shopping frenzy around Thanksgiving holiday.

Cyber ​​Monday, which connects consumers with online discounts, is expected to set a new sales record, according to estimates by market research firm Adobe Digital Insights (ADI). Analysis expects US customers to spend about $ 7.8 billion (€ 6.9 billion) on the Internet only that day, according to estimates from Monday (local time).

This will be an increase of 18% per year. In general, the US online trade is about 23.4 billion dollars after the Thanksgiving, thanks to the FDI, with the "Black Friday", which reached its first summit in the five-day discount war.

According to a research conducted by the retail association NRF, more than 164 million US customers wanted to participate in a long weekend bargain hunt.

The sales event, which started the Christmas business, has a long tradition in the US. Meanwhile, it is widely used in many other countries.

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