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UN migration agreement: EU Commission to criticize Austria

12.11.2018 13:35

As of today, 13.35 hours

The EU Commission has confirmed that states that wish to quit the UN immigration agreement do not know the contents of the document. A spokesman referred today to statements made by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Berlin. According to this, "the countries that quit the agreement would not do such a thing after reading".

It was wrong to argue that countries such as Austria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, the United Nations Pact, have broken the restriction between illegal and legal immigration. In fact, shared responsibility for immigration will mean less illegal refugees. Today, Bulgaria also announced its withdrawal from the immigration agreement.

In Austria, ÖVP Education Minister Heinz Faßmann spoke to the UNO for further talks on the immigration agreement and complained about the late talks within the government. But he acknowledged that the Pact does not define key issues and should be renegotiated. But the global approach is the right one.

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