Friday , November 27 2020

U21 European Championship: FFA team feverish draw

The team leader Werner Gregoritsch brings together Germany to host Germany, or Germany, to defend the United Kingdom. Pottan has two teams from Spain, Denmark and France. Like the ACL selection, there is another third in the pot. Austria's qualifying is behind Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Poland and Romania.

Altach striker Adrian Grbic, "There is no rival in the European Championships, only the best nations with strong players only." Said. But you don't need to hide. A I think if we play against Russia and Greece, there may be a lot of things at the European Championships, Yunanistan the 22-year-old said. Konrad Laimer believes this: di We just want to go for fun and do the games as good as we can, not see what big men are doing with us. Kon

U21 coach Werner Gregoritsch

GEPA / Walter Luger

Trainers Gegoritsch and the election are waiting for the leading rivals

Possible duels against the club colleagues

You can come to your teammates' explosive duels. This would be sexy for one or the other ÖFB-Kicker course. For example, Laimer plays with former Salzburg Dayot Upamecano and Nordi Mukiele in RB Leipzig, part of the U21 national team. Lukas Klostermann is the captain of the German team. Imer I'll see some faces in the European Championships I already know, zaten says Laimer.

Maximilian Wöber could meet with the Danish Ajax club friend Ramus Kristensen. "It would be better if we play against them," said the old Rapidler. Another victory means more to Wöber, who is referred to as in a surprise candidate that no one likes to play Başka. & It would be nice if we beat Germany in the European Championship, # said the 20-year-old.

Creates ÖFB-U21 date

The U21 national team of Austria was eligible for a European Championship for the first time after the play-off victory against Greece. The tournament will be held this summer in Italy and San Marino.

A handful of players from ÖFB-U21-Großkaders also participated in the latest EM participation of a youth teams team for the Youth Team – July 2016 in U19-EM. I Some of them were in U17 and U19. but creating something special with U21. This is great and gives great support to players as well as to men coming to their team. Ab The team manager Werner Germ and the chief of the press, Iris Stöckelmayr, is tied to Gregoritsch.

"Every player uses it"

Despite his initial qualification, ÖFB President Leo Windtner did not want to talk about the golden generation. . I won't be overly subscribed,. He said. Being in the European Championships is a unique experience for young players with a high international standard. "They find opponents from the great nationalities and clubs, each player takes advantage of it, and everyone has the chance to continue proposing themselves for the A team." Said.

The 68-year-old is pleased with the additional organization missions that come with FENS. . This is positive, Ö said the CPI boss. Positive for ÖFB-Elf, the proximity of the host countries to Italy and San Marino. "There will be a wonderful event in our neighboring country. I believe that a big Fankaravan will come from Austria, maybe we will have one or other half home game."

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