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The new passion is not new in Salzburg «

The new Salzburg Connection in Salzburg is already on the scene: Valery Tscheplanowa, this year for Ulrich's participation
The rapid staging of "Persians" was highly praised. Thirty years ago, his mother came to Germany from the Soviet Union at the age of eight. He now lives in Berlin and is considered one of the most interesting and versatile actresses of his generation. "Persians" also played in the women's choir and – naked bearded and painted in white – the spirit of the ancient Persian king Dareios. Audiences, critics, and colleagues know and appreciate it as a theater professional, as evidenced by the numerous awards Tscheplanova has received for years. Now, after two seasons, Jedermann replaced Stefanie Reinsperger as his companion.

This actor loves theater and plays theater for people who love the theater. He doesn't want to deal with storms in the workplace like a Facebook page or an Instagram profile, and he doesn't have a problem with him, even if he doesn't know about every potential manager who's interested in it. I like to compare myself with organic foods. I can tell you I'm an organic player. Organically grown, organically grown and continue to produce. If someone else wants to work, it doesn't bother me at all, ade he says in the summer, a the press d and adds that he prefers to invite the right people to the right people rather than just participating in a production that is not suitable for them.

Salzburg Festival: Passion for the past years

He also starred in television and film productions.

Valery Tscheplanowa completed a dance training in Dresden before visiting the famed ziyaret Dramatic Arts Üniversitesi in Berlin, Ernst Busch University. As a member of a group at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, he was impressed by the collaboration with director Dimiter Gotscheff. After that u.a. The Residenztheater in Munich is again directed by Frank Castorf in Berlin Volksbühne
completely trusted. He was an actress of that year
Castorf & # 39; s last great film for Gretchen and Helena roles
Folk scene production "Faust". He also regularly contributes to TV and cinema productions. Vis Coast Guard ”(2007) and Vis Doctor Martin 39 (2009) ki Whiskey with Vodka ki by Andreas Dresens and Dominik Graf's“ The Face of Crime “.

Tobias Moretti is again in the title role

Tobias Moretti plays the title role again, his brother Gregor Bloeb took over the role of Ginger Gesell and Teufel couple from Hanno Koffler, and many Domplatz were announced for the first time: Falk played the belief in Rockstroh, Helmut Mooshammer owes his poor neighbor Michael Masula, Markus Kofler the cook. Björn Meyer and Tino
Hillebrand contains fat and thin cousins.
Recovery Premieri July 20, 2019.

Salzburg Festival 2019 is planning to take a new look at the ancient legends that will take place from July 20th to August 31st. This red thread of the program was presented by director Markus Hinterhäuser in the festival city on Wednesday. Among other things, five opera and four new productions were planned for this purpose.

Opera and Acting: Salzburger Festspiele 2019 >>> program.

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