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The laying ceremony for the project by Villaine

Villach (APA) – The groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the Infineon technology group took place on Saturday afternoon at Villach. 1.6 billion euros will be invested in the coming years, and by the year 2021 a total of 750 additional jobs will be created. It is the largest private investment project in Austria in recent years.

At the center of the expansion, a fully automated chip factory is being constructed for the production of power semiconductors in thin wafers of 300 millimeters, where 400 highly qualified jobs will be created alone. In addition, a new research and development complex will be built on the site.

The investment in the Villach area is justified by the "rapidly increasing demand" caused by international trends such as climate change or digitization. Power semiconductors are used to generate electricity from, for example, electric vehicles, networked, battery-powered devices, data centers, or renewable sources. Power semiconductors are energy-saving sawdusts that control the flow of current in various applications as efficiently as possible.

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz (MTP), ministers Margarete Schramböck (ÖVP) and Norbert Hofer (FPÖ), as well as governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Infineon's voyage was clear at the beginning of the event: Gabriel, Kurz and Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss, for the first time on the occasion of the non-VW, moved to the Audi Elaine, the fully automatic SUV coupe, which runs on an electric motor. The group was presented.

Ğin Research and development has become a geopolitical strategic factor that has shaped the 21st century. Or in other words: – who can develop and produce technology, who does it – who doesn't do it,: says Infineon Technologies Austrian CEO Sabine Herlitschka. at the beginning.

EU Commissioner Gabriel stressed that the investment is a sign of the good conditions Austria offers for the economy. Microelectronics is the "key to the digital future": "This global competitiveness of Europe will be strengthened by this investment." Chancellor Kurz, above all, referred to the jobs created by the investment. Investment with Austria was able to position itself in global competition for key competences.

. It is important for us to understand that technology can make our lives better, Inf said Infineon CEO Water Ploss. Artificial intelligence should not be seen as a threat: “If we want to make life worth living for our children, then we have to use our resources in a different way. Ors For the Villach site they decided, because here a team“ with a wild energy, overcoming disabled jobs. People who want to make a difference.

Economy Minister Schramböck, from the construction companies to the start-up & # 39; De Before digitization, you shouldn't be afraid of the steam engine, ğinden said Transport Minister Hofer. And Kaiser emphasized that the investment, which strengthened Europe and especially the south of Austria, started a new chapter in "Caretta" history and took "Turbo Boost".

In the end, the guests of the honor were supported by the "Panda" robot, which mimicked the activities and was thus equipped with a learning shovel.

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