Tuesday , May 17 2022

Südstadt Maria Enzersdorf – Irregularities in IMSB – Founder Holdhaus dismissed


As a result, financial irregularities have been subjected to the use of sports subsidies, as approved by the Federal Ministry of Public Service and Sports (BMoeDS) at the request of the APA. Since these could not be disclosed by IMSB, the Ministry has established an independent test commission with the approval of the IMSB Board of Directors. In mid-October, the interim report finally led to the absence of his deputy in Holdhaus, Holdhaus junior and IMSB Consult, in association with the association.

According to the ministry, the financial expert is now open. Upon the recommendations, a restructuring specialist was provided by the IMSB board a few days later. Da The irregularities raised by the audits of the BMoeDS Task Force have been used as a reason for the beneficiaries to undertake a thorough review, including the appointment of a designated remedial expert to carry out the necessary legal action, Başkan he said. Finance Procurator, Wolfgang Peschorn, in a version of the Ministry.

Bankruptcy expert Michael Lentsch is quoted in "Standard" and sees the IMSB in financial distress. If violations of the funding rules are found and the cash flow from public funds in a row is to be stopped, the famous institute is "endangered massively". Thus, the IMSB receives a total of 1.4 million euros a year from federal sports funds. This is the biggest and only sponsor of the federal government.

The senior anti-doping specialist, Holdhaus senior, was the founder of the institute in 1982, and later became CEO & CEO of his son, IMSB Consult. Both were released according to the results of the investigation. Holdhaus senior Tuesday evening was not suitable for the phone by APA. The management of IMSB Consult took over Wolfgang Gotschke, director of the former Federal Sports Promotion Fund. In particular, the cash flows between IMSB and the subsidiary are examined.

As BMeDS emphasizes, the institution should remain an important institution for Austrian sports. Sports expert Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) said, bir If we cannot show the use of funds correctly or if we suspect inconsistencies, we should stop paying subsidies legally. Spor ”At the same time, in this particular case, we faced the challenge of maintaining sports medicine and sport diagnostics in Austria.“

In addition to the Olympic Games participants, IMSB athletes, coaches and coaches recommend and supervise medical science in a comprehensive manner. IMSB recommended numerous Olympic medals such as the World and European Champions.

The Ministry of Sports said Tuesday evening, explaining four concrete claims to be followed to the Institute. On the one hand, this employment contract is the management director of IMSB Consult with the Hans Holdhaus junior, which cannot be terminated for three years and a total compensation of 500,000 euros. The contract was signed by the association's board of directors.

In addition, in 2016, the capital of IMSB Consult GmbH was raised to € 300,000 due to the apparent economic reason. The Association IMSB is mainly funded by funding, so it can be assumed that funding is used for this capital increase. The employees of IMSB and IMSB Consult GmbH must also work mutually for both legal entities, and do not provide traceability in the form of performance records.

The fourth point is that the fixed assets are not correctly assigned to IMSB and IMSB-Consult GmbH. Specifically, there is doubt that the fixed assets allocated to IMSB-Consult GmbH are actually purchased by the association.

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