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Schiemer's departure is just the beginning


Fränky Schiemer Photo: Press Photo Scharinger / Daniel Scharinger

Schiemer's departure is just the beginning

To get SV Ried back on, the club needs to change the structure.

By Harald Bartl

November 15, 2018 – 00:04

SV Guntamatic was an important step in the new and better future for Ried. "The club's position is available only when a real re-launch is possible," said Fränky Schiemer, the former (former) director who will leave the club in the winter. Said.

At this point, as we warned 20 months ago, the criticism of OÖN was very intense. Without any prior knowledge in this field, it is not possible to properly implement the sports director position in the national league professional club. Kit One Uli was much younger than the beginning of the Hoeness in Bayern, gerekti says director Roland Daxl, who is responsible for a more massive impact on Ried's future with Karl Wagner, board member Karl Wagner.

A rush decision. It was a great deal of pressure, because after the departure of Stefan Reiter, he was asked to provide a name from the line of fire, where a hand came out, but the more sporty one could have more influence than before. This worked perfectly with Schiemer and Ried as an inexperienced player and as a coaching trainer in Liefering since the end of his play career.

The price was of course high. Even though there was still a descent trying to push the predecessor, a madman and three possible promotional places, this was an overlooked rise, and the fourth change of coach this year in 20 months was finally too high this year. Schiemer is really suspicious of one day to another. One thing to keep in mind: Where did he know many things?

His departure now clears way to gain more experience at SV Ried. Paul Gludovatz's commitment is now more likely. Schiemer would be impossible to cooperate as a sports director. Even the honorary president Wenzel Schmidt, whose son Maximilian was to have a closer collaboration at the club to collaborate, was not even a friend Schiemers. But what is more important than its name will be the future mission statement of the association. The club can only succeed when the sport and economy are definitely separated. This is only possible with experienced, competent and powerful sports professionals. Otherwise, Schiemer would be the next pawn victim.

The subject was also discussed by OÖN-TV in its current publication:

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