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RTL Jungle Camp 2019: Three New Celebrities? Candidate Announces Zoff – Panorama


RTL Jungle Camp 2019: Three New Celebrities? This candidate promises Zoff

06.11.2018 at 06:30

New candidates need a camp.

New candidates need a camp.

Photo: Marius Becker / dpa

Just a little over two months, it's finally working. forest camp over RTL go again.

forest camp For years, RTL has been one of the most reliable quota providers. Every year more than five million people are turning every episode.

Also sets in January 2019 RTL with forest camp Return to successful format. The show is now in season 14.

But many questions are still open. First of all, which is not clear Candidates 2019 move to forest camp. There may be some new rules. We keep you informed of all developments in our news blog:

Monday, November 5 at 9:51 am

Of course, at the beginning of the publication, there are still a lot of rumors surrounding the list of participants. For example, the former "popsicle" star Sybille Rauch (58) and "Bachelor in Paradise" candidate Domenico De Cicco (35) must be fixed candidates.

Now about a candidate brought to play by the image (paid content), Rosenkavalier should not be so happy though. According to the newspaper of the former lover Evelyn Burdecki (30) 'common worm dinner "I'm a star – get me out of here."Uploaded.

Also two candidates Forest Camp 2019 They feed. One of them: Tommi Piper (77). If the name does not tell you directly … the man gave his voice to one of the most famous television heroes of the 80s. Piper, the German voice of the alien Alf.

And also a third forest camp-That's not known in TV circles. Million dollars and "Man looking for Eve"Star Bastian Yotta (41). For him, the appropriate step in the move for unsuccessful relationship with the TV star Natalia Osada will again step into the spotlight.

RTL are reluctant to ask about traditionally IBESCandidates. Cologne does not provide information about the participants before the official announcement of the publisher.

+++ "Dschungelcamp 2019" In RTL: After the fan question on Instagram – is this GNTM cult candidate in the bush? +++

A few weeks ago, the jungle server, Sonja Zietlow, spoke and led the funny predictions for the 2019 cast. Facebook Zietlow wrote: "Today will be exciting …. uiuiui …. Today you'll find us today that will make you happy in the jungle in January … so we got your fingers good players and characters. But I can't explain anything. I'll tell you now!"


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In recent years, the big stars have been repeatedly canceled, which should be different from the improvement of finance. Maybe you should RTL also program Otto directly. The comedian said in an interview he made in May that he was a. forest campWell, you just have to ask her: forest camp that? Sure, but you haven't asked me yet, "said the 69-year-old, but it's really controversial whether or not he will make a request.

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