Tuesday , May 17 2022

Returning around salary: Christian Kern speaks now


The former SPO Chancellor, Christian Kern, is currently participating in the discussion on a more relevant Gage vortex about AUSTRIA's task as a national councilor.

Kern: "The club has a deposit statement"

Already signed an empty signature on October 30 and SPÖ club. In fact, this was not forwarded to parliament.

Kern received a salary of 4.086 euros in November

As Austria has reported, Kern continues to receive the national parliamentary salary. Will be waived now. In November it will get "only" about 4.086 € instead of 8,756.

Video on the subject
After Polit-Aus: Kern continues to receive his salary

Is SPÖ intrigue behind it?

On the other hand, the SPÖ did not submit the application due to a lack of waiver by other SPÖ regulators for the basic work. But behind the scenes, an SPÖ interior intrigue is already suspected.

Kern has resumed its salary

On the question of whether he would apply for an extension of his salary after he left parliament – he would have received a quarterly salary – Kern replies: "Of course I will not apply for salary continuity."

Salary swirl for background

The former SPO Chancellor, Christian Kern, has been saying goodbye in the parliament for 25 days on October 25. Anyone who thinks that his / her term may then extend is wrong: "On Tuesday until 11 am Parlamen did not renounce Fern for the duration of his tenure with Kern." I He is ahead as a deputy.. Klubobmann was no longer absolutely.

Special session on Friday is seedless

Get monthly wages. Whoever is a member, of course, receives a salary as a member. According to the wage law, if Kern leaves in the middle of the month, he receives the division (plus special payments).

After the AUSTRIA survey, the SPÖ club has taken action. When asked why Kern was not resigning, he said, "This week will sign a waiver. Kern will not be in the special session on Friday."

Success is uncertain? Why didn't he go right away, he explains the club speaker with his "unexplained successor." However, since October, I was told that Katharina in Lower Austria Kucharowits must move. And this is what AUSTRIA officially endorsed by the SPÖ yesterday.

Holiday. Meanwhile, Kern & # 39; re himself by publishing pictures of goats climbing trees in Morocco.

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