Friday , September 24 2021

Popfest does not start today at Karlsplatz – Vienna

Due to the pandemic, Popfest has moved to the Wiener Arena in Erdberg this year. It starts on Thursday with 40 acts with free admission.

Popfest 2021 is moving its main stage at the Arena Wien in Vienna-Landstrasse from Thursday, July 22 to Saturday, July 24, in order to handle this year’s festival in a corona-safe manner. On Sunday, July 25th, Popfest will return to its roots at Karlsplatz, playing at Karlsgarten near Kunsthalle Wien and for the final at the Karlskirche in Vienna.

“At the Vienna Arena it will be possible to celebrate corona protection and have live concerts with many people. Popfest joins the wide open-air culture with free admission in this city with great artistic expression. We need these as a society. Besides moments of celebration and gathering, what surprises us is Popfest. and we also need new encounters with compelling music,” says Cultural City Council Member Veronica Kaup-Hasler (SP).

After a reduced pop festival in a state of emergency in 2020, there will again be around 40 live acts with free entry this year. Esra Özmen (EsRap) and Herwig Zamernik (Fuzzman) formed the festival staff.

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This year’s Popfest show combines some of the big and up-and-coming names of the local rap scene such as Yugo, Dacid Go8lin, Eli Preiss, Slav, T-Ser, Kid Pex with pop pearls such as Mavi Phoenix, Buntspecht, Elektro Guzzi, Pauls Jets. or Alicia Edelweiss. You can hear metal and industrial as well. An overview of the program is available at

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