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"Digital paralysis" is the new buzz around (school) headaches and smartphone neck. How to resist.

14:32, 06 November 2018

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On average, young people use their smartphone or tablet more than two hours a day. Children usually use an additional game console. Special posture – the head leans forward – leading to neck tension, neck pain and consequently head and back pain. Why is that? Orthopedics and orthopedic surgery specialist Ronald Dorotka, "This posture, hangs in the cervical spine ligaments, is overloaded and overloaded with chronic irritation, resulting in head, neck and back pain." As an amplifier, the lack of relevant movement and the absence of sunlight are added – both are crucial to the development of hard bone and natural resistance.

Heavy weight rear

Background: Our heads weigh four to six kilograms. If it bends about 15 degrees forward, it moves 13 kilograms in the rear. When the head falls down, more is loaded. If you look at your mobile device, your head usually falls to 45 degrees. In this case, forces more than 20 kilograms move backwards. In this position, the cervical spine has to resist a high force. The ligaments are stretched continuously, the muscles are stretched, the area cannot be fed well with the blood.

Of course, the back is not new. Most of the time, people sit a few hours a day complaining about back problems on the table. Doctors say, "At the desk, or using a mobile device: it's important to change your posture each time and then avoid the problems," the doctors say.

Best tips for a healthy back:

1. Relaxation exercises: For example, move the head from right to left and lower the ear on each shoulder until a pull is felt in the cervical spine. Extend your head and pull your shoulders down.

2. Lower your eyes into place: Put your mobile phones close to your face and reduce your eyes to your head and neck. Check again and again and correct if necessary.

3. Move, move! To strengthen muscles, exercise at least once or twice a week and exercise in everyday life, for example: stairs instead of stairs!

thumb pain

Meanwhile, busy messaging on the smartphone causes a problem known as "SMS thumb". Fixed spelling is a recurrent strain on the fingers, and a possible result is the inflammation of the tendon leading to the forearm from the thumb. Inflammation is noticed by stabbing or pain. They occur during the pushing and holding movements of the thumb during grip and lead to movement restrictions. Complaints cannot only be felt locally in the thumb, but can also spread along the tendon in the forearm. The inflamed tendon is usually palpable as a hardened and heated swelling and is highly sensitive to pressure.


After consulting a doctor, stretching and strengthening exercises can be performed. In addition, some patients find local heating or cooling applications pleasant. They support blood circulation and thus accelerate metabolism in the affected area. You can do this by heating a cherry stone pillow or by placing a cooling pad wrapped with a cloth diaper in the inflamed area.

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