Thursday , August 11 2022

Old Metroid titles are back in the top charts


by publishing Metroid Horror it will be different again metroid It played the title reflected in the Wii U charts. A total of four old games can be found in the top 10. The first speed runners also do their best in this regard. metroid horror to overcome. A speedrunner finished the game in under an hour.

Metroid is back in 2D

It took almost twenty years for this metroid Fusion with Metroid Horror has been continued. After the announcement 16 years ago, the title has only now been applied. But successful. According to reviews, Nintendo metroid Faithful to the legend. So especially 3D metroid Parts of all goods metroid feels at home in a two-dimensional environment.

Positive Reviews

The only negative point criticized so far seems to be the length of the title. More than seven hours isn’t that short for a 2D title. Also, the game offers a high degree of difficulty with its bosses, and the title offers enough variety in other ways as well.

Metroid is more available than ever

NS metroid fans Metroid Horror not enough and play everyone again metroid Title. in the top 10 list Wii U Online Stores now there are four in England metroid Games: metroid Fusion, metroid None Mission, NS Metroid Prime Trilogy and even classic Super metroid available again. But on top of that Nintendo 3DS will be again Metroid: Samus Returns played. Here are the current tables:


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The hunt has begun

As soon as the game comes out, the first speedrunners are already trying to beat each other. One of them finished the game in less than an hour on hard mode. Of course, this is already a world record. However, this will not take long. very new metroid horror and not many bugs have been discovered yet. The whole world of speed runners are now trying to discover the game. We wonder how fast the speed runners will be.

Resources: Via Shinesparkers, via Samura1man

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