Tuesday , July 27 2021

Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment are now part of Microsoft

Rumor has been searching for something for Microsoft's current studio buying trend for some time now. Unsurprisingly, the two popular studios, which focus on the role-playing games, are now officially part of the group.

Not surprisingly, Obsidian Entertainment has been confirmed to be a Microsoft studio. For classics like studio Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic II: The Lords of the Sith known, but may be in recent years Fallout: New Vegas Besides the South Park: The Role of Truth Earn lots of fans for themselves. The studio remained independent for a long time and Infinity Columns also Columns of Infinity 2: DeadfireMass funding will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Also supported financially by fans Grind: Tide of Numenera caused a stir. Previously, the studio developed Garbage 2Also available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. What is now for console versions Bard's Story IV as described Wasteland 3 the vehicle is currently uncertain.

Marco Lipke

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