Thursday , May 19 2022

Nestroy: Caroline Peters Best Actress


The presentation of the Nestroy Awards in Theater an der Wien has started. The evening's first award was received by Caroline Peters. The German Burgtheater community received Nestroy as the Best Actress.

Their roles were honored by Simon Stone's "Hotel Strindberg", which was voted "actor of the year" in the critique of "theatrical star" magazine. He is also featured in Sönke Wortmann's comedy "The First Name."

Television Note

The Nestroy Awards can now be viewed on the live stream of the ORF III and

"You're a genius!"

Australian well-known Australian Alice Babidge Academy has transformed the stage into a three-story toy house, Hotel Strindberg, with two rooms on each floor and a flat staircase on the right.

On two breaks, the front of the hotel, with a torn front, goes up one floor. So you can move around and face the breakfast room and reception. The fourth wall of the viewer has a glass wall. Babidge thanked Burgtheater director Karin Bergmann for their collaboration and director Simon Stone's collaboration: "You are a genius!"

Support role for the Four Lyssewski

For the best supporting role, Nestroy has traveled to the German actress Dörte Lyssewski since 2009/2010 with a member of the Burgtheater. After Gerhart Hauptmann, Ewald Palmetshofer was honored for his portrayal of Annemarie Krause at the Academy Theater before "The Sunrise" and thanked especially the writer Palmetshofer and director Parizek.

For the 19th time, the best performances of the past theater season in Austria will be honored as well as the best performance in the German-speaking world. Throughout the evening, Maria Happel, Viktor Gernot and Peter Fässlacher are leading. Nicolaus Hagg is responsible for the book.


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