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More details about the live Xbox Live inside


X018: Inside More details about Xbox Live Stream

November 08, 2018, 09:49 am

This Saturday, Microsoft X018 will broadcast a live broadcast. As part of the show you can expect numerous game ideas and news.

This next weekend will take place on the Xbox X018. And on the occasion of the event, Microsoft will release a large portion of the "Inside Xbox" show. The current will start at 10 pm on November 10, 2018. Two hours later, the new episode of "Inside Xbox" must end again.

As part of the exclusive X018, you'll find news about Crackdown 3, Minecraft, The Thieves Sea, Decay 2 State and Forza Horizon 4. Also, Redmond promises a few surprises.

The biggest Xbox Inside issue

With Xbox's leading director, Peter Booty, manager of Microsoft studios Matt Booty, Minecraft, and so far the biggest part of Inside Xbox, we celebrate an incredible Christmas season for players, including news, interviews, great deals and more. Studio President Helen Chiang and more people, "said Microsoft.

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And the game's passport also needs to be addressed: "Do we have news about the Xbox Game Pass? We always have more than a dozen game announcements for the Xbox Game Pass."

Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and excitement trace. And if you log in to the Mixer through your XBL account and watch the event, you'll be rewarded with in-game items for "Seafarers" and "Forza Horizon 4".

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