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Maite Kelly: Shock Appearance in “Giovanni Zarrella”


Maite Kelly confused her fans when she appeared on The Giovanni Zarrella Show. She played a dress-up doll and sang two songs from her new album “Hello” for the first time. In a later conversation with host Zarrella, it seemed that the singer could no longer get out of her “doll trip”. He suddenly whispered in the voice of an eerie, disguised girl.

Maite Kelly: Couldn’t walk without Zarrella

Fans and TV viewers of “The Giovanni Zarrella Show” rightly asked themselves what Maite Kelly looked like: “Did he take something? How does he speak? Like a little girl!” The former super tough DSDS juror answered Giovanni Zarrella’s questions in a “squeaky” and shaky girl’s voice in a strange and confused way. The amazement in front of the screen in the studio, but also at home, was great. Your look looks well staged – flawless! She was standing on a small, round runway – a black top with a white collar and an oversized pink tulle skirt. His head is bowed, he is holding a big red heart in front of his chest. She represented a 41-year-old doll with mechanical movements. After the last note of her second song, Giovanni Zarrella ran towards her and helped the singer get off the podium. She wore extremely high, white heels. Giovanni Maite Kelly guided us through the long phase with extraordinary effort and care. When she reaches the stairs of the talking scene with him, she warns him like a nurse to a patient: “Be careful here again.” The singer gasped gratefully: “Help me.” He frowned at the audience. The old, very lively “Let’s Dance” participant practically crawled, even looked helpless.

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Maite Kelly: “What was he drinking?”

However, a murmur rose from the audience when, in an interview with Giovanni Zarrella, the singer behaved almost like a baby and childishly told the story of the “flying heart”: “It’s been in storage for two years and no longer working. And your team of ten would have made the heart shine again yesterday.” Maite Kelly wore heavy make-up, but you could see serious flaws under her make-up – is that why she was always tilting her head? Once again, Kelly’s kids did well when Zarrella praised her creative performance: “The stage for me has always been an overtake, even today. But I realized I had to go back to the horse.” Twitter immediately made comments on the sentence: “What was Maite Kelly drinking?” or “Maite is drunk or drunk …”

Maite Kelly: Not ready for the stage yet?

Maite Kelly had to come to terms with the death of her beloved sister Barbie some time ago. Also, as a single mother of three, going through isolation with two teenage daughters was not easy. Her two older daughters, Agnès (15) and Joséphine (13), are in mid-adolescence and Maite recently admitted to “Neue Post”: “Wow my daughter is entering puberty, wow how am I going to do this now?” There are moments when I say, of course.” And then Corona, a great thriller, wants to build on old successes with the new album “Hello” after two years. Maybe it was all too much. Or maybe the stage fright on the Zarrella show left him for last. Maite is said to have left the studio in Berlin right after the show, “BILD”. A clear sign that you’re doing badly…

Maite Kelly: Your children’s book is a success

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