Wednesday , October 20 2021

Local SMEs report high turnover losses


Vienna (APA) – Small and medium-sized local enterprises (SMEs) continue to be described as good business. However, a survey by Creditreform found that the turnover curve of the Austrian middle class in the autumn of 2018 was a high-level tooth.

The year-on-year increase was 20.9 points, while the rising and decreasing sales balance was 25.9 points a year ago. In recent months, according to Creditreform's report Thursday, 35.1 percent of respondents (previous year: 39.1 percent) received higher incomes. On the other hand, 14.2 percent (previous year: 13.2 percent) had to cope with the decline in sales.

In the autumn of 2018, Creditreform Economic and Economic Research surveyed 1,700 Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises for the current economic situation and the outlook for the next six months. Tenor: The economy in Austria was good in the autumn of this year. However, he lost momentum.

In the autumn survey of this year, the middle class was still quite comfortable. As a result, the weakening economic momentum was not felt much yet, Creditreform wrote. Only the first dark clouds in the service sector rose on the horizon. Both the business situation and the expectation index have loosened here. Nevertheless, in the other three main sectors, both indices rose, despite the fact that more and more companies in the trading sector complained of a decline in sales compared to last year, as in the autumn of 2017.

The order books of medium-sized companies were not very good in recent months as in the past few months. The slowdown of the country's economic momentum at the end of the year was also shown by the Creditreform climate barometer in the autumn. In the autumn of 2018, this index increased 1.6 points compared to the previous year and rose from 23.9 to 25.5. However, unlike the previous years, it was below the spring result (plus 27.6 points). ,

In a statement, the creditreform climate barometer was used as a reference point for SME sentiment, with the best figures since 2007-2008, the peak of the 2018 autumn seems to have reached its peak.

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