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"Listen, fun stops."

"Brian & # 39; s life", "Monsieur Claude and daughters", "Everything is kosher!" And he likes movies like "LOL": Eva Spreitzhofer. © Brunner Images

Philipp Wagenhofer speaks with EVA SPREITZHOFER

Eva Spreitzhofer (51) is an actress, writer and now a director: "How do you qualify?" He named it. Now in theaters.

VOLKSBLATT: Dialogues seem to have really been removed from life. How autobiographical is in this story?

EVA SPREITZHOFER: Absolutely out of your life. In a way, this is Wanda. I have two daughters aged 18 and 20, read the script over and over again, and I'm fine: "No Mega, no one, Mama." There's a role model for all the characters in the movie. I did a lot of research. The most ridiculous things are already in reality.

Are your daughters inclined to rebellion as a rebellion?

No, but at the beginning of the story, I thought it was one of the most intimidating things I could ever imagine if they said that they joined Islam. Not because it is Islam, but because I leave certain values ​​that I think are important to my children. They are feminist rather than religious. I don't care what they believe, but the image of the women they have is important to me.

Especially the level of religion should be considered as very differentiated, cross, burka and kippa. These external symbols are very emphasized … How hard is it to stabilize here?

In principle, I don't want to make a balanced film because I don't find it difficult. I wanted to look at people, views and attitudes a little ironically. It's also self-righteous – when you make fun of it, look at how these things look. This will require more humor, but this is less and less likely on the right and at the Islamic-reactionary frontier. You can handle this pretty well with your smile.

Intelligent movement is to convey the subject through comedy. As a result, you can be cheekier and avoid comprehensive explanations. Do you join? Do you like prejudiced juggling?

Of course. If you look at "The Life of Brian", how bad are those who deal with such things, that's great. After the launch of the film, there were incredible protests. In religion, some people have fun sounds. I do not think so.

In the film, the mother of the converted 16-year-old girl is much more impressed than Papa Harald. Why is that?

I don't feel that way … Daddy just doesn't look that way. What Harald does in the background, one does not learn in this way, because Wanda is the main character.

How do Muslims and Muslims find the film about the film, dealing with women's "pure" and "purebred" elements?

I had a lot of advisers, and I made jokes on the inside, it works. I believe that the majority of Muslims and Muslims are secular, not radical believers. Catholics do not necessarily represent the idea of ​​the Pope. There are a lot of people that are funny.

The patchwork family in the film covers many aspects of living together and comes to you as a writer?

I live in a patchwork situation but I believe that people in traditional families know these things well. In the end, people who belong together but have different interests meet each other. For a comedy, a patchwork situation works well because of complex structures.

The great Caroline Peters (the best player in Nestroy), Simon Schwarz, and also Mijou Friesz. Was there a lot of budget, or is it just well connected to your network?

The film was normally very budgeted for small budgets without much money. So I applied to people like Maschek Doron Rabinovici and Robert Stachel.

So far they have become actresses and writers. Did you sniff a fuse now? Are you going to be the chief in the future?

Yes, I will definitely not have a book written by another director. If I do it myself, the output is more exciting for me.

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