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Is there a crisis in Austria? This says FB sports director Schttel


Do you have a crisis in Austria? This says FB sports director Schttel

VIENNA Peter Schttel cannot complain about the lack of duties. The A-Team, young national teams, women and amateur football or coach training – all these and more fall into the competence of FB Sports Director, who described his plans for the future in the interview.


Peter Schttel (right) and team manager Franco Foda Picture: APA

Mr. Schttel, you've been working a little longer than Franco Foda for about a year. How do you evaluate previous cooperation with the team leader?

Peter Schttel: karar The decision to be a team leader turned out to be a good thing. Live in a highly professional way. We and his team are very thorough and are working exactly, we see that they receive information from anywhere. we found our way and we both feel good. "

Since you're both in the office, players in the local championship have returned to the spotlight in the A-Team. Can league reform help raise the level of home club players?

Schttel: "I think it's interesting and you have to look at the records in the end, for example, how many young Austrian have played, more suspicion has been successful, and if you look at how the players can play In any case, the upper league can handle twelve clubs, but I don't expect it to be dangerous for the coach, but at the same time three of the big men (Note: Rapid, Sturm, Austria) are getting harder for the Referees, because you can see how early the nerves are. antrenör

There is a Goalgetter to see who can get into the shoes of Marc Janko right now, neither in a local league nor abroad. Is there a crisis in Austria?

Schttel: "Yes, we have Guido Burgstaller in Schalke and Michael Gregoritsch in Augsburg, but unfortunately we have not met on the team as in the team. In a game against a physically strong team in Marc Recall There is no better match in our call list, but we have very talented players in the background, such as Arnel Jakupovic, Mathias Honsak or Sasa Kalajdzic.

Janko recently called for an FB reform aiming at the circumcision of the prsidium's competence. What do you think

"This is a difficult issue, because it is a huge area where the association needs to be covered and this year I saw that all board members were aware of their responsibilities and worked meticulously," Schttel said.

Ashley Barnes was also identified as a potential FB Goalgetter. What is the current status of the procedure to bring?

Schttel: "We got all the necessary documents from the player, now we can imagine that everything belongs to the responsible authorities, playing for the Austrian national team, and so is he."

Apart from Barnes Incubation – which tasks did you have to do in the first year?

Schttel: "I talked a lot, I handled each region very intensely, I looked abroad and took a lot of staff decisions." We want to set certain priorities in the future. "

What is it all about?

Schttel: "We had a very good decision with tutor Thalhammer, Thomas Eidler and Roland Goriupp for instructor training, they will change a lot and we want to revive Project 12 with more life. From FB to clubs and national associations uz In addition, there is a lot we need to do in the field of athletics because we want to improve ourselves, and also work harder in terms of injury prophylaxis.

Can the FBI dictate to clubs how they will work in their academies?

Schttel: "In some areas, there are rules given by the FB as a licensor. First of all, the FB should be a criterion for the clubs and provide the know-how. Our suggestions and suggestions, especially the FB LAZ-age teachers (11-14 years old) For Austrian football, it is not important who will be the U16 champion, but how many players will be professional, go abroad and participate in the national team, I know that it is the duty of an academy coach. But it would be nice to bring the idea of ​​education back to the academies, and in the case of a few defeats, not everything will be questioned. Ancak

Male FB was recently successful at junior level – there was no final participation in 2017 and 2018. Is this a sign that doesn't work well?

Schttel: "Because of the experience you can win, it will be important to be in the tournaments, but the goal is not, the main goal is to get well-trained players for the A-Team."

For clubs, young coaches need to go in the absence of success, this is not happening in FB. Why is that?

Schttel: Proje There is no pragmatism in the FB, but we want to ensure continuity in the younger generation and ensure continuity., In addition, young team leaders are responsible for other things – Hermann Stadler and Martin Scherb for LAZ, Rupert Marko for academies, Manfred Zsak for the project 12. Except for Scherb, you have been around for a long time, you have a lot of knowledge, you know the processes, it is not the stone that we have changed, but it has nothing to do with a missed qualification. There are always more powerful and weak Jahrgnge. "

Does FB have a uniform philosophy of play?

Schttel: "So far, a more generalized thing happened and we are in the process of preparing this, we are working in a group working with the team leader, a team responsible for coach training and a few young team bosses with consistent game principles, but not every coach system, layout and game plan We believe that it should be the only development and adaptation to the opponent. tek

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