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Influenza: Children may be particularly affected

Vienna hospitals are already preparing for influenza patients, the city offers vaccination against the virus. Children under the age of ten may be particularly affected this year. They will have their own emergency services for this year.

What virus would hit during the flu epidemic in winter is the experience that doctors gathered from the flu in Australia. There, the wave was already extinguished and 83 percent of virus strains were shown to affect the pandemic virus. "This virus was with us in 2009, so a large part of the population has already contacted the virus," said Christoph Wenisch, head of the department of infection and tropical medicine at Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital.

"The flu pandemic in Australia was therefore softer, and those affected were children under the age of tenths," Wenisch said. Peter Voitl, from the Vienna Medical Association, said on Monday that there will be an emergency service in AKH & Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital and three additional pediatrician inspectors for better child care at weekends. stressed that it will open. WGKK health director Barbara Hörnlein added that the health services phone provides information about open applications and pharmacies at 1450.

Pediatrician coordination of pediatricians


Three additional pediatricians will be open on weekends

Flu vaccination muffle in Austrians

Influenza vaccine was completely harmless and harmless, at a press conference, the Medical Director of the Vienna Hospital Association (KAV) assured Michael Binder. You can't get a flu vaccine from the flu; Protection for children of all ages is available – from infants to the very old.

According to the Ursula Karnthaler (MA 15) from the Municipal Health Service, the Austrians are usually vaccinated. Vaccination rate in Vienna is below ten percent. Especially elderly people and people with chronic diseases urgently recommend annual needle thorns. Because they can be dangerous for them, especially because they threaten already weakened organ systems.

Immunization – works approximately one and a half to two weeks after administration – can be given to registered physicians, the Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund health centers, MA 15 or in many cases to the company doctor.

Real cold as a sign of influenza

Christoph Wenisch, head of infection and tropical medicine at the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital, said: “The additional complications associated with flu extend from unconscious to heart attack and paralysis to muscle destruction. For example, for people with heart problems in the case of influenza is six times the risk of heart attack. Id This also applies to stroke, W Weninger said.

For people with lung problems, mold spores that sometimes occur in spoiled foods or tile joints in the bathroom can become a life-threatening threat, because they can cause mold fungus in the organ to talk. Carers or nurses should protect themselves to avoid infecting patients and clients.

Of course, with real flu, colds, cough and hoarseness – should not be confused with a better-tempered flu-like disease. Typical symptoms in men are a general feeling of sickness and nausea in women. Weninger said elderly people are often exposed to cognitive impairment.

Flu epidemic from 10,000 people

Most influenza cases were told on Monday that the home can be treated very much. Still, every year there are many fixed admission. So the hospitals are not overwhelmed, one of them made a plan of graduation, Binder. Following this, specific wards will be reserved for influenza patients. Gangbetten should not be an increase, I promised KAV director.

The influenza epidemic is usually taken from 10,000 patients in Vienna. The course usually lasts six to eight weeks. A pandemic looks different from year to year. At the beginning of the year, 2016/17 was only at the end of January and at a slower decline.


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