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High season for colds and flu: tips for the winter

REGIONAL DISCUSSION Again this time, especially in autumn and winter, cold and flu on the rise. A few basic rules help strengthen the body's natural shields: the head buzzes, throat itches and the nose works.

Again every year: Winter is coming, it's cold and uncomfortable again. Pathogens spend an easy time in cold and dirty weather. The cold and the flu are back to fashion, to talk. However, if you follow a few rules, the immune system gets stronger and you come in a healthy way in winter. G Lower Austria Gebietskrankenkasse (NÖGKK) company doctor Alpha To protect against the common cold, Alpha and Omega are the strengthening of the immune system,. Says Michael Kraus. ). Ud There are many ways to strengthen the body's defense system and dive into the cold period. In addition to vitamin-rich and balanced diet, outdoor exercise is one of the main benefits. Ir The body is also supported by quitting smoking. The termination of alcohol is also useful. "Avoid stress and relax enough, because constant stress regulates the immune system. In addition, restorative, adequate sleep, supports the body to strengthen the body's defenses in the dark season," says the NÖGKK doctor. Accurate moisture therefore plays an important role, and the warm heating air dries the mucous membranes and facilitates pathogens.In winter, it is very important to keep the humidity in the room high and to ventilate. less than two liters of water or herbal and fruit teas. When you have a cold, it is even more important to increase the fluid balance and grab the teacup. Adır In winter, it is almost impossible to cope with the virus: Science is aware of 200 species that may be responsible for the common cold. In general it is recommended to avoid crowds. "Of course this is not always possible," says the NÖGKK doctor. Dir That is why it is more important to follow hygiene rules and to wash your hands properly. Ve This is a simple and very effective measure against infections.

Rate of sick leave

On the 46th calendar week, a total of 65 people in the Scheibbs region were reported to be unable to work due to influenza and flu infections.

For comparison:

  • Last week, 57 patients were diagnosed with this diagnosis.
  • 61 people were sick of this diagnosis during the 46/2017 calendar week.

Tips from NÖGKK Scheibbs

  • Outdoors: Doing exercise outdoors reduces stress, provides good blood circulation and strengthens the body's circulation and temperature adaptation. Fresh air also provides a healthy sleep. All these effects strengthen the immune system designed to prevent the body's pathogens and protect us from infections. Recovery times contribute a lot.
  • Eat healthy, stay healthy: A rich and balanced diet in terms of fruits and vegetables supports the immune system.
  • Enough to drink: Make sure you have enough fluid. Herbal teas and water should be drunk mainly.
  • Ventilation helps: Pay attention to the humidity in the heated room and ventilate the apartment.
  • Cold hot: Changing the shower with hot and cold water strengthens the defense forces.
  • Smoking causes damage to the immune system: Cold smokers should stay away from smoking because the mucus can be coughed harder.
  • Beware of alcohol: The high percentage promises something that cannot be endured. A mulled wine can initially heat you from the inside, but the effect of increasing the circulation of alcohol allows the body to heat faster. Alcohol, heat balance, hot tea or hot soup, on the other hand disrupts the wonderful work.
  • cleaning: Wash your hands frequently and wash them thoroughly, do not use the towels together. Hand tightening or touching door handles or handles can easily lead to infection. If then unconsciously touches the nose or mouth, pathogens open to mucous membranes.

In spite of all precautions, if an influenza virus attacks, you cannot move away from a doctor's visit and bed rest.

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