Friday , July 23 2021

First babies born with designer babies – News

The Great Rebellion in Hong Kong: Shenzhen-based Gen-researcher O Jiankui announced the awareness of organizers of an international genetic technology conference. Already a conference on Tuesday.

"Two beautiful little Chinese girls, two weeks before Lulu and Nana, cried like any other baby and gave birth to healthy ones." In a video on YouTube, Jiankui said: Intervention of the embryo to the young-young crisis / Cas9's aim is to make children resistant to HIV and there is no scientific article that has been verified about these interventions.

Gene researcher O Jiankui. Credits: Picturedesk

What is a Designer Baby?

The child's genetic material has already been fully identified by the researchers. For example, genetic diseases may be excluded. Researchers said that specific genes could not determine resistance to HIV infection.

However: In most Western countries, this technology is unethical and strictly prohibited.

Scientist Jiankui claims to have described the genetic material for children brought together to AFP, seven pairs, and artificially.

In one case, according to the scientist, it was successful – designer twins whose twin babies!

There is no special information about babies or their parents – they want to remain anonymous.

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