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Fidelio on Fidelio

11/05/21 “We’re taking our travel scene, enlarging it and turning it into a stage design.” Puppet theater and classical platform myfidelio.at Beethoven’s opera on the Salzburg stage Fidelio was recorded. Its online premiere will be held on Saturday, May 15th. In the future, the entire repertoire of the puppet theater will be digitally recorded.

By Heidemarie Klabacher

“The recording of puppet performances is very different from concert and theater recordings with ‘real’ people. Philippe Brunner, the artistic director of the puppet theater, said at the digital press conference on the occasion of Philippe Brunner, the artistic director of the puppet theater, that there is a special challenge to make the puppeteers’ puppets look alive even in close-ups. Fidelio– Crime scene records Friday, May 7th.

The Independence Opera, a version of Beethoven’s puppet theater staged by Thomas Reichert, was co-produced with Beethovenfest Bonn and premiered in Beethoven in 2019. Now the production is coming to Salzburg initially as a streaming offer.

Philippe Brunner explains that the recordings were not made at the Marionetten parent company on Schwarzstrasse, but on the Salzburg stage, where the stage was large enough for the technical requirements of this production and where the puppeteers could also be seen. “The travel stage, revealed with the open top structure of the puppet theater, becomes a stage and set design.” The twelve-meter podium represents the enormous paths for puppeteers to guide their sixty-centimeter puppets in a fun and elegant way. .

“We discussed for a long time whether the characters should have faces,” said Brunner. It was decided to depict the babies’ heads in a stylized way. “So the doll’s heads are a canvas for the audience’s emotions,” says the art director. The figures and equipment are “so small that we’ve never done this before,” says the art director. Looking forward to this special one Fidelio Playing in front of an audience: In a full year, the analogue premiere will take place on May 13, 2022.

But first, on the Internet: myfidelio.atAlong with ORF and Unitel’s classic streaming service, the Marionette Theater, they recorded three productions that will go online next weekend: Magic Flute From Friday (May 14th), Fidelio 15 May Saturday and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sunday (May 16). Three more productions will begin in the next few months. Even more is planned: “We look forward to the entire repertoire of the best artistic and technical quality puppet theater in the coming years. myfidelio.at in order to present. This gives us the opportunity to bring the art of puppet play to a wider audience internationally, ”says Philippe Brunner. also myfidelio-Managing director Georg Hainzl is pleased with the “partnership with the puppet theater of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage”.

However, streaming offers or guest performances alone cannot be trusted: “Here in Salzburg city and state, we look forward to new collaborations to provide more visibility in the region and beyond,” says Susanne, manager of the Marionette Theater. Tiefenbacher. “The puppet theater is known for its international guest performances. But we do not want to forget the focal point of our homeland. Here we are at home. There are still groups of spectators that need to be brought home. Collaboration with other organizers, greater visibility, and marketing should also bring home the last people who joined the puppet theater as a child, according to Tiefenbacher.

Photos: MT / Erika Mayer (2); Adrienne Master (1)
The premiere of the puppet theater airs on the weekend – Friday 14 May – Sunday 16 May – www.marionetten.at – www.myfidelio.at

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