Thursday , May 19 2022

Female student (10) pushed from platform to back – Carinthia


Police announced on Thursday that a ten-year-old student from Brückl was thrown by an unknown person at the train station in Saint Veit / Glan at 13.25 pm on Tuesday, 13.11. She kidnapped the backward shock and caused her to drop onto the railroad between platform 4 and wait for the passenger train.

Fortunately the student managed to climb back to the platform independently. They were injured slightly and were therefore treated in the Klagenfurt Hospital, but only on Wednesday.

Police suspect no intentions

"The shock may have been displaced during the crush. There is no indication that the shock has been deliberately displaced," the police said. At the time of the accident, many other students and travelers are said to be staying on the No. 4 platform.

Persons who have witnessed or provided information should report to the St. Veit / Glan Police Inspectorate.

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