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Exhibition: Birgit Jürgenssen and three K


Tübingen / Burkhard Meier-Grolman

Tübingen. The curators of the new art are on display at the Kunsthalle in Tübingen, Natascha Burger and Nicole Fritz, born in Vienna in 1949 and died in 2003, Birgit Jürgenssen, at least At first they claim to be very shy and shy, someone will not believe it. After all, this glorious woman, with her first large retrospective in this country, was drafted in the exercise books of Pablo Picasso when she was eight years old. These non-original productions were immediately signed with "BICASSO Jürgenssen". This actually speaks for a good dose of self-esteem and the ability to express a less obvious non-self.

As a teenager, Jürgenssen remained drawing and with a great passion, and his children's books were fascinated by humor and irony; And it remained that way. This exhibition in Tübingen clearly shows that two art fans, Maria Lassnig and Valie Export, who define the Austrian women's avant-garde in the 70s of Birgit Jürgenssen's last century, should be echoed.

At that time, Jürgenssen did not release his scandalous guts like Valie Export, because a belly in front of him was carrying the shop. Passengers were allowed to touch their bare breasts briefly. No, Jürgenssen doesn't want to break the taboos with his belly shop called "housewife's kitchen apron", she wants to take on the traditional role model of the three k-churches, children and kitchen for the cake and the advertising absurdum.

Of course, the work of Valie Export, Lassnig and Co., Jürgenssen, also abandoned the deep indentations. But more importantly, the influence of Meret Oppenheim, who is world famous with his bowl, filters out artworks that are masterful from surrealism and magical realism.

However, the special feature of Jürgenssen's art practice is that he always links his artistic findings to the human body. Continuous experiments, the body of research, the whole media, whether watercolor, whether fabric pictures, whether drawing, photography, object art, collages, rayograms or finally film and video, our roles, our relationship with animals, nature and the environment to control.

The results of this body work can be confused, confused and disturbed: Jürgenssen throws a pregnant heeled shoe or iki beautiful bird of prey,, takes a photograph of himself "even with Fellchen ile, a bird's nest with two eggs on his lap, melts human limb with lobster claws. But at the same time, our sex behaviors were cheeky, evil and funny. In a charcoal, women are more or less happy when rubbing the floor. Moreover, the rags they plunder, of course, are screaming in the liliput shaped husbands.

information Birgit Jürgenssen. I was on 17 February 2019 at Kunsthalle Tübingen, at Tue-Sun 11-18, from Thu to 19 hours.

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