Monday , May 17 2021

DualSense has the same developer as Switch Joy-Con HD Rumble

PS5 DualSense controller can recognize its players by itself. (C) Sony

PS5 and yours DualSense Controller It offers a number of new features for next-generation games that focus on immersion. This is one of the ways new controllers use advanced vibration to lure the gamer into a game.

While the DualSense controller is one of the main selling points for the PS5, the signature feature for haptic feedback, oddly enough, especially Sony advanced. What’s even more interesting is that the company behind the feature has previously developed a similar controller feature.

Like Nintendo Releasing their latest console in 2017, the Switch and Joy-Cons are marketed for both the system’s ability to seamlessly switch between home and mobile games, and the controller’s HD noise.

Sony's PlayStation 5 controller: DualSense

(C) Sony; Play station

Some have compared Nintendo’s HD noise to Sony’s recent haptic feedback to see how they can improve immersion. Although the two functions are not exactly the same, both are made by the company. Dip The version available on Switch is probably a precursor to the recently released DualSense controllers.

Given Sony’s strategy to launch PS5 retail, immersion was probably the ideal choice for moving controllers forward. Also, Ramzi HaidamusImmersion’s CEO recently commented on DualSense’s haptic feedback system and explained what was happening. Sony It allowed you to focus a lot on the controller after reaching the measurable limits of visual performance. According to Haidamus, there was no way to improve the system’s audio or video quality, which means Immersion’s haptic technology is the logical next step to deliver an even more immersive experience.

Joy-Con Nintendo Switch

(C) Nintendo

It’s always interesting for the developers to lift the curtain this way and explain how some of the most impressive console hardware pieces were actually made by dozens of companies working for the same goal.

Most gamers assume that only the company selling the console is involved in the development process. However, this is rarely the case. Hardware manufacturing is often a joint effort. Even a giant multimedia company like Sony is still working hard to give their customers the best possible experience. They certainly did well with the PS5’s DualSense controller.

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