Friday , July 30 2021

Do female sex hormones protect against corona?

Estrogen, progesterone and steroid allopregnanolo analysis

Coronavirus infection is known to have more serious effects on people who already have an existing medical condition or belong to a particular demographic group. Can women now be less sensitive to corona because of their hormones? New research results show that female sex hormones can also help protect against corona.

Study at the University of Illinois in Chicago

“Male patients are twice as likely to be admitted to intensive care (…). This evidence suggests that female sex hormones are a possible explanation for the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and sexual dimorphism in mortality. There.” According to research by Graziano Pinna, professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois. In his study, Pinna examined the role of sex hormones in Covid-19 and published the results in the journal “Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism”. He included estrogen, progesterone and steroid allopregnanolone assays in his research.

Severe course after birth

Female reproductive steroids often have a significant effect on the human immune system. “The hormones that help sustain the pregnancy – like progesterone – become 100 times more concentrated during the third trimester of pregnancy,” explains Pinna. “Estradiol, allopregnanolone, and progesterone all have important anti-inflammatory functions and play a role in regenerating the immune system.

The researcher encountered a possible link when an interesting phenomenon emerged in spring 2020. Women who were infected with coronavirus during their pregnancy had no symptoms until birth. However, symptoms were more severe soon after birth. Some mothers even had to go to intensive care right after giving birth. Symptom severity coincided with rapid decreases in estradiol, progesterone, and allopregnanolone.

According to Pinna, this not only explains why women are better protected than men, but it also explains why older groups have more difficult courses. Because the older one gets, the lower the hormones.

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