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DGAP-DD: Ferratum Oyj (German)


DGAP-DD: Ferratum Oyj in German

Notification and public disclosure
To fulfill the leadership duties and to be in close relationship with them

19.11.2018 / 07:30
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1. Information of the persons who perform the management functions as well as the relevant persons close relationship with them a) Name Title: Mr First name: Jorma Surname: Jokela 2. Reason for the message a) position / condition Position: board b) Initial notification 3. information about the market participants for issuer, emission allowance, the auctions platform, the auctioneer, or the auction supervisor. a) Name Ferratum Oyj b) LEI 74370078YLPFWHE33716 4. Business / Business Information a) Definition of financial instrument, instrument type, identifier Type: Share ISIN: FI4000106299 b) Business type purchase c) Price (s) and volume Prices) EUR 599,500 EUR EUR 10,000.00 EUR EUR 2500.00 EUR 10,6000 EUR EUR 201,4000 EUR 10,500 EUR EUR 10,500 EUR 805,6000 EUR EUR 10,500 EUR 21,2000 EUR 10,6000 EUR EUR 1038,8000 EUR 10,500 EUR EUR 10,500 EUR EUR d) Collective information Price Combined Volume EUR 10,500.00 EUR e) Date of transaction 16/11/2018; UTC + 1 f) Work place Name: XETRA MIC: XETA
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