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Death after cat bite in Morocco: Does the rabies vaccine on holiday make sense? – travel


A British died there from a rabies in Morocco after being bitten by a cat. I was bitten a few weeks ago, but was not treated fast enough.

The British Public Health Health Authority has called for destinations in Asia and Africa to travel to comply with vaccination recommendations.

But on what trips does rabies vaccination make sense? What is the risk of disease? And at what cost? BILD asked.

Rabies is a deadly viral disease in mammals, including humans. When licking the injured or inflamed skin, it is transmitted by lice or saliva. Not only dogs and cats, but also bats or monkeys can be donors.

When is the vaccine necessary?

According to the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vaccination should be offered for passengers traveling longer in rural areas, especially if there is an increased risk of infection in the travel destination.

Rabies are rare in Central Europe, but still widespread in many parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America.

Vietnam, Cambodia and India are among the high-risk countries, but Turkey & # 39; is also increasing the risk of infection.

Rabies vaccine expensive

Three intramuscular injections are required within three weeks for primary immunization. That's why you should start vaccination at least five weeks before you travel. This costs about 70 euros for each vaccine, and the costs are usually borne by the passengers themselves. Spontaneous vaccines can be completed within a week.

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Photo: Shutterstock

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Patients must pay about 70 euros per rabies vaccine, a total of three injections are required.Photo: Shutterstock

Vaccination is not always available in many countries

If a person who has not been vaccinated develops rabies-resistant bite damage, the wound should be thoroughly cleaned (ten minutes with soap and water) and disinfected. Immediately after vaccination, an inoculation procedure should be performed.

The rabies hyperimmunoglobulin (RIG) administered here is expensive and is not present anywhere in the world – another argument for a protective vaccine.

If it is already vaccinated, if a bite injury is seen, the treatment is much easier. You only get two booster doses.

Virus infection triggers acute meningitis (encephalitis), which – if not immediately vaccinated – is always fatal.

Jonathan Ball, a molecular virology professor at the University of Nottingham explains: ılar There are many effective vaccines, but they should be used before the symptoms emerge. De In Morocco tourism, vaccination was not fast enough. In humans, the symptoms of rabies were "two to three months" after exposure to the virus. . It can only take a week, so it is important to immediately see a doctor and instill yourself, "he said.

No rabies disease in Germany since 2011

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) no rabies disease has been transmitted in Germany in recent years. Six cases have been filed since 2011: Finally, a 55-year-old man died of rabies after being bitten by a stray dog ​​in Morocco in 2007. There were four cases in 2005, because a woman who was infected in India died and the disease was not recognized and organs were donated. In 2004, a 51-year-old man who was probably infected in India died.

Expert advice: Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Robert Koch Institute

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