Saturday , May 21 2022

Culture: The royal: Prince Louis, like this family member, looks at the picture like a child


Prince Louis has attracted everyone's attention in his new royal family photo. The reason: It looks like another family member like a baby.

The Crown Prince Charles' 70th Birthday Yesterday on Wednesday the British royal family published a new family portrait of the royals.

The photograph showed special interest in the family's last contribution to the family.
Little Prince Louis

The Duchess Kate and Prince William's son are now about six months old, and they seem a bit confusing on the family portrait.

Who does Louis look like? Mother or father?

As with every baby, Royal fans also wondered: How does the little one look now? Is Kate her mother or her father William? Or maybe a member of a very different royal family?

Even if the opinions of the fans differ, the proof of the image is clear: If Duchess compares Kate 's photographs to the little prince' s photograph in Louis' shortly before her first birthday in 1982, the similarity should not be discarded.

A Twitter user also published two photos of two royals to show how the mother and son resemble each other.

The user wrote: "Wow, Prince Louis looks just like his mother." In fact, there is no need for much discussion about similarity.


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