Thursday , February 25 2021

Corona explosion! The opening summit is near – politics

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce invites you to its inaugural summit on 25 February and consults experts on how the country can be unlocked safely.

In one publication, it was stated that “Tourism, gastronomy, leisure and culture and the arts sector, together with businesses and employees, are the heart of our country and an important part of our identity. But it is also an indispensable source of inspiration for the Austrian economy, provides prosperity and secures hundreds of thousands of jobs. .

“The companies themselves take the initiative. For the health of the Austrians and the economic health of our companies and their employees,” said Harald Mahrer, WKÖ President.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, local tourism, entertainment, arts and cultural businesses – together with experts – have designed and continually developed comprehensive security concepts. Now you are ready to take the test and open up safely.

Therefore, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce invites you to an inaugural summit with top representatives and recognized (health) experts from all sectors on Thursday, February 25, from 9 am to 3 pm. The focus is on how to work with the right tools such as safe turn-on prevention concepts, FFP2 masks, extensive testing, and more vaccines in the foreseeable future.

In addition to hosting Harald Mahrer, among the participants, Prof. Hans-Peter Hutter, microbiologist Robert Stein, Sacher boss Matthias Winkler, organizer Georg Hoanzl, United Stages Vienna managing director Franz Patay, manager Ewald Tatar. director of the great event organizer Barracuda, Susanne Kraus Winkler, head of the hotel trade association, gastro-president Mario Pulker and much more.

“The backs of the companies are against the wall”

“The industries have done their homework and have put security and prevention concepts openly on the table. All industries are committed to entry tests, they are the key to further opening steps in March,” said Harald Mahrer, WKÖ President.

“We know how safe opening works and we show you how it works. Entry tests, FFP2 masks, keep your distance, implement hygiene measures, regular running and mandatory access tests. We have seen it working with hairdressers and other body friendly service providers. We can now gradually implement other openings with these security levels . “

And more: “Many companies have their backs against the wall. Now they need predictability and perspective. People in Austria urgently need safe places to meet again. It’s about the economic aspects, but also the mood in the country. And this is Austria, the host country. First of all, it needs something: a future again. “

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