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Command & Conquer and C & C: Red Warning

If you have a beautiful heart of this screenshot, we have very good news for you.If you have a beautiful heart of this screenshot, we have very good news for you.

In the hands of real-time strategy players jump on the square in the old hands: EA Reddit, first announced remaster Command and ConquestThe Conflict of Epithet Tiberium and its successor C & C: Red Alert, arises.

And the crowd is not a smart phone version, PC! Earlier, EA announced plans to think about Remaster. Now, it is clear that games will start at the very beginning of the legendary game series – so the real-time strategy may not be dead!

In addition, the EA is launching an announcement with a promising explanation for a future for C & C:

"A month ago, we reported to the community that we brought the brand back to the computer, starting with a remaster attempt."

If the EA wants to revive the franchise even with new titles, it leaves a lot of ways. However, this is speculation, really concrete information relates to the reminder described in C & C 1 and 2. – their explanation comes shortly after the release of the Warcraft 3 version of Blizzard.

Talking of veterans

For this, the founders of the publishing house are working in partnership with the developer Petroglyph, who is largely closed. Former developers of Westwood Studios – The developer of two C & C original in 1995 and 1996. Thus, in the new versions of the real-time Urgesteine ​​heads, the ship must know the original vision of C & C very well. The glorious names of Joe Bostic, Steve Tall and Mike Legg will bring the classics back to a classic version in the future – some of the former developers we talked about some time ago:

Did the real-time strategy die? C & C, the creators of Warcraft and Age of Empires says so

In the following, you can watch a short video where the developers have officially turned you into a mood for the remaster. Coincidentally, they suddenly got the news they were working on Command & Conquer.

Two games appear together Remaster CollectionAccording to EA, the Remaster package includes Addons Counterattack and Flames for Retaliation for Command & Conquer and Red Alert addons. On the other hand, unplanned micro transfers want to distribute it completely with the EA.

If you want to learn more about the long and always glorious path of Command & Conquer, we have the final report for the Plus users who can reach them by clicking the button below:

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