Friday , August 19 2022

Burning bus cleared: Florianis surprised by donut cheese donation


The engine block of a bus in Steinbrunn in the Eisenstadt-Umgebung district was burning Saturday morning. FF Steinbrunn said in a statement on Facebook that the driver blocked the fire with a fire extinguisher and that the fire had finally reached the hands of the forces. According to a request from the Black Security Center Burgenland, no one was injured.

There was no information about whether there were any passengers in the vehicle other than the driver. Nine volunteer fire fighter Steinbrunn members participated in the fire extinguishing license.

Delicious strengthening

After work, it was a time of relief. "Fortunately," as the fire engine of Steinbrunn wrote, the local butcher Fröhlich was open. And thanks to the brave Florianis' free liver cheese. The result of the task forces: "Superior!"

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