Thursday , August 5 2021

Bundesliga: Critical storm criticism of referees

This season, in the seventh place of the Styrians, flew to Dario Maresic, who had a red card in the 27th minute of the heavy hard board, but also because of the referee's challenge to the sporting director Günter Kreissl and coach Aragner Neukirchner. After the match, Neukirchner said, "I would expect more intuition from the referee."

He fired a disputed whistle that ended after fouling by interim coach Peter Zülj, with an advantageous position, loud and gestures, and the bleachers took 52 minutes. "The action was definitely not okay with me. But I was always the one who calmed everyone. The comment of the referee:" Is it really true that Zülfik scored a goal in this situation? "It upset me, said Neukirchner.

Kreissl goes through nerves

Kreissl was emotionally dragged in the first half. Clearly, after the Maresic scene, the sporting director had flung out of the ordinary in the press box to give his opinion to the arbitral tribunal. Tı Sometimes everything is about team feeling, everybody wants it with every fiber her, Kreissl tried to explain later.

"The most disturbing sight to me was the abducted punishment, which was very clear for me. This was very painful, and everything that followed was not going to relieve my nerves," he said, referring to the foul of Otar Kiteishvili. – An attack of eleven points for Sturm-sixteen remained unpunished (66.).

The referee accepts Hot Mistakes

Referee Hot, this situation after the game was not considered as a punishment, the storm for the storm was admitted as a mistake in the whistle. But the foul occurred before a secret situation. ”After watching TV footage, I see the Ingolitsch player holding his leg first, this should be punished with a negligible leg and retroactive punishment.“

Sturm, St. He didn't win victory against St. Pölten

Grazer comes to play at home. There's no score of 0-0 against Pölten, and that's why he's rounded off without a win in the seven Bundesliga. Temporary coach Neukirchner had to make a stand in the first game.

He has a basic understanding of emotions in Graz, "but I cannot stay as a scapegoat right now, with a three-meter shouting at my face, or applauding me, and I have to react to that." Neukirchner & # 39; s against the referee, Kreissl and Graz is an employee from the superiors also have the opportunity to use advertising.

"Feelings are overcooked"

Defender Lukas Spendlhofer was appalled after the match. Kırmızı Dario should not be so, honestly red. However, when the whistle of the gentleman whistles, it is difficult for a 19-year-old to pull himself. In my opinion this is how he put himself there in a shit, himself, and in a few cases still very clever. Emotions are cooked later, "Spendlhofer said.

The excitement seemed to have been conveyed at what was happening in the area. Storm captain Stefan Hierländer saw a "very exciting, twisted game" which must overcome the team's nose. "For example, we haven't been able to reach a standard target for a long time, and we should eat the criticism there." Attachment: "Last year everything fell in our hands. We are not hanging in the box at the moment, but between the ropes."

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