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Börse Express – SHARE IN FOCUS: Wirecard is too weak

Wirecard shares there is
Wednesday after the release of the last quarterly figures
Reverse gear engaged. Morning lost in September
rising stock of first stock market payment processor
DAX tail light as 6.40 to 146.95 Euro. since
Price drop rising to 199 euros in early September
so around the quarter. Analysts specifically criticized
Cautious earnings view for full year 2018,
but otherwise it was full of praise.

With the explosion online, Wirecard is ready for next year.
The year is very optimistic. "Both expect the fourth
2018 as for the next fiscal year of 2018
The strong momentum of the business, "said CEO Markus
Brown. Wirecard's earnings forecast for the current year is bored
again and third time upwards. But,
Experts already counted more than management
had already promised.

US investment bank Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Wood
announces increasing annual targets of technology company
The first reaction was "more or less positive". With him
Wirecard's new year-long target
In line with market expectations.

Recent figures would have previously published key data
Barclays analyst Gerardus Vos wrote. Organic
Growth accelerated
contributed as expected.

Commerzbank analyst Heike Pauls spoke impressive
In the third quarter, the organic growth of the payment processor and
praised the renewed increase in earnings target.

Mainfirst analyst Chandramouli Sriraman looked upright
Downward movement of Wirecard newspapers in the first place
Long-term profit after stocks
it is considered to have developed strongly. With a price increase of around 57
Wirecard most open since the beginning of the year
Profit from 30 Dax company. Twelve-month view
results in a price increase of even more than three quarters
then it is worth. Market value 18.2 billion
This makes Wirecard more valuable than the largest on the stock market
German financial institution, Deutsche Bank ./edh/men/fb to

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