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Börse Express – ROUNDUP: Digital boom results: electronic parts less

Digital boom everywhere,
Industry has an unpleasant side effect: this year
Semiconductors and other electronic components
not long. For the first time in the past few months.
Lack of ordinary components such as information in industry
Capacitors or resistors. "The hardest hits
Automobile manufacturers and the automation industry, "said Christoph
Stoppok, General Manager, Electronic Components and Components Association
Systems (ECEI). This Tuesday starts in Munich
Electronica, with more than 3000 participants
Industry leading trade fair.

The shortage results are longer delivery times and higher prices –
Although the trade union does not comment on this second issue.
At the moment, after the Stoppoks knowledge, the famine really
As the economy slowed, it exceeded. completely
Status has normalized, but so far according to industry data

"What's extraordinary this time is even passive components
and other products were mainly supplied
Multilayer ceramic capacitors, "said Stoppok, Passive
Components are called passive because they provide a one-to-one electrical signal
Circuit can not be upgraded, such as mass produced products
Resistors or capacitors.

Two factors have contributed to famine:
good economic conditions and
A greater number of industrial products are electronically arranged

Sample car: Engine control via the car computer and
Driver support systems for comfort functions such as seat heating
various circuits controlled electronically are required.
"Current Audi Models now
A portion of the ECU that is currently in use is over 100 Kullanım
Ingolstadt VW Side.

"Ratio of semiconductors and passive devices
The last few years have also increased sharply. Son
Spokesman. "So up a fully equipped premium car
10 000 semiconductors and most passive components
– Capacitors, resistors and so on.

According to Audi, there was no production delay. "For us,
Signs of the current market situation are recognized early and
We look forward to 2019. "Said.
However, a challenging market environment continues in some areas. "

Also Munich rival BMW it is said
The scarcity of electronic components cannot be completely eliminated,
but manageable. Both carmakers place great importance on good
Relations with suppliers. Not just the car industry
due to technical progress
Demand for electronic components continues in the next few years
It will rise.

There is an increasing explosion in the sensors.
Living spaces – optical sensors for them
Cars can be used to measure medical functions
Industrial sensors for monitoring machines.

Electronization is estimated by experts
Great progress in the next few years. industry
Automation and robotics are currently two major issues – and
Electronic measurements and controls are unthinkable.

And even everyday life is becoming technologically complex – e-bikes,
Mobile payment or self-regulating heating in the shop.
Central Union of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Industry (ZVEI)
Global sales of microelectronics forecast in April
From 2017 to 2022 to about 90 billion to half trillion
To win the dollar.

Accordingly, many participants came to Electronica.
I've never logged in like never before: more than 3000 companies
attend four-day industry meetings. Also two major Munich
Companies are playing one in their business
Important role in electronic market: Semiconductors
Munich-based Infineon The world's best with LEDs
and Osram optical sensors ./cho/dp/mis

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