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BAT-U Committee: ub Aggregation lama connected to Goldgruber


Ursula Schmudermayer, Goldgruber, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) ordered the & warrant; to clear the KS BMI ickl, according to the diary of the prosecution of the Economic and Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (WKStA). In his survey, Goldgruber emphasized that this was not true. "The minister has never been told to clean any place, Yetkili he said. Only since 2017 had to review the claims surrounding the BVT issue.

In particular, it is sometimes concerned with anonymous dispute against the authorities of the Constitution and the Anti-Terrorism Department (BVT). The file was the reason why the prosecution opened the investigations, and his testimonies called up witnesses who were taken to home searches and four private addresses in BVT. Goldgruber took the convoy by his own account at the beginning of the year by lawyer Gabriel Lansky. This had already been questioned on the commission, the answers provided by the SPO-close attorney, but none.

Goldgruber: Convolute taken by Lansky

Lansky said he believes the investigators are in the process of investigations. Goldgruber, who has been working for 38 years in the department, wanted to avoid dealing with a "double-screen procedure", so he went to provoke him against WKStA. "I'm a follower of being commercially available," Goldgruber said on Tuesday. The march or direct conversation with Schmudermayer on January 19 was a m logical step 19. There it was declared indirectly by the time it was already designated.

    Secretary General Peter Goldgruber

ORF.at/Lukas Krummholz

Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior Peter Goldgruber

"The prosecution had given the impression that it wanted to investigate, but did not know exactly how." Said. The CPP had not put pressure on WKStA according to his statements, as the accusation of Justice Minister Josef Moser said a few weeks ago. It would not have been possible because it was not informed of the investigation.

At the same time it was not true that there was a person who made a complaint, Goldgruber said that he did not say anything new because of WKStA. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in fact, "surprised" by the contents of the convoy. But not the rumors, but the facts to keep. Goldgruber, the secretary-general of the FPÖ, informed the 39-page pamphlet Kickl & # 39; informs the investigation "at any time".

Meetings with witnesses

The Secretary-General of the House confirmed that he had been in contact with two of the four witnesses before house searches in BVT. Since September 2017, she spoke with former BVT official Ursula-Ria P. to receive parental leave and to be interviewed by WKStA on February 21, 2018. Kickl and Cabinet employee Udo Lett were also present. But some things Goldgruber is not "remembered". In addition, I remember meeting with the former BTS chairwoman Martin W., who was interviewed by WKStA on 22 February and was granted parental leave since March 31st.

Secretary General Peter Goldgruber

ORF.at/Lukas Krummholz

The media rushed on Goldgruber's poll on Tuesday.

Basically, we talked about the future of WW. A few weeks ago, former BVT head of department said to the committee. A conversation on February 9th – one with Lett on February 2 – is said to have largely revolved around his retirement. "I just can't remember because I couldn't tell you any details," he told the package at the same time, "Goldgruber." The fact that W. & # 39; said in his interrogation that the Secretary-General had asked him to write the review was not discussed.

In a statement from W. Goldgruber, the Secretary-General said that he would report to the prosecutor over anonymous folds and that he expected a reserve of Goldgruber's on Tuesday. He had only instructed W. to give a basic explanation. He delivered the witnesses orally with official secrets. Doubt this was not the case. It is important that official secrecy be released because it constitutes the basis for an off-birth accusation, and witnesses may be guilty of a criminal offense.

"Volunteer" was taken from "Berner Gruppe"

Before questioning Goldgruber, a new feature in a relationship with the secret service had emerged: the "Berne Group" BRE reported by "Falter" and approved by the Ministry of Interior was temporarily "voluntarily" provided by international intelligence and intelligence services. According to "Falter", Austria "temporarily advised to leave the body, unless the matter of BAT was clarified". BVT official Peter Gridling ordered Austria to withdraw voluntarily from the at Berner Club çekil – ”otherwise we'll be thrown out id, a BVT official.

Documentary car on the BVT investigation committee

ORF.at/Lukas Krummholz

On Tuesday afternoon, Udo Lett, employee of Herbert Kickl's cabinet, was interviewed at the U Committee.

The Interior Ministry confirmed this, but offered a different motive:, Austria never broke off the flow of information with its partner services and the Bernese club, ı said Michaela Kardeis, Director General for Public Safety. The exclusion of the "Berner Group" was not controversial.

However, the BVT voluntarily withdrew from the club's working groups. However, "these guarantees were deliberately opposed", as this "BAT Affair" did not come out of the broad media scope, but was linked to a suspected espionage case against a former BAT employee in 2017.

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