Sunday , February 28 2021

BAT Committee Interior Minister Kickl – Politics –

Kickl must ask the truth.

Kickl must ask the truth.

The investigation has a real emphasis on the parliamentary commission. Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) must address the obligations of the deputies against the issue in the Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution. The opposition sees Kickl as a "brain" and is thus responsible for illegal home searches in BVT.

The interior minister publicly admitted the opposition as a "conspiracy theorist". The coalition partner, however, is not critical of the reasons behind Freedom: Werner Amon, the head of the ÖVP Group, has once again accused the Ministry of the Interior of a lid rough approach Ancak – an excuse for sebep cleansing Özg the chaos must be created. However, he does not ask questions on the U-committee as ı for tactical reasons, “Kickl told him.

The second informant, General Director of Public Security, Michaela Kardeis. For example, as he was asked, the BVT offered to volunteer the chairman of the Extremism Unit in Sibylle, because he wanted to get rid of it, as the committee said.

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