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Awarded "Innovation Award in Politics" in Vienna kleinezeitung.at


The na Innovation Award in Policy Kol was given to the European Solidarity Corps on Saturday evening in Vienna Municipality. On Saturday, the EU Commission won the "Civilization" category of the project, launched in 2016 by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

22.30, 17 November 2018


The European Solidarity Corps therefore allows young Europeans between the ages of 18 and 30 to participate in charitable work on various projects in the EU. So far, around 7,000 of them have already been activated, about 72,000 people are registered, he said.

In a video message, Commission President Juncker told participants at the award ceremony that "Solidarity is something we have to offer children who are willing to take action, that solidarity is not just an empty expression." Olduğ We live in Europe at a time when the dimension of solidarity is not very developed or even damaged, "he added. It is of great importance that young Europeans support the "difficult situation – children, refugees, victims of natural disasters".

According to the award, Independent Vienna böylece Innovation in the Institute of Politics "rewards the award for iler brave and creative politicians at all levels of all democratic parties and the political activities of Europe ünde, so their work can inspire others. On the project home page.

According to the EU Commission, in 2018, a total of 600 applications were made by a jury of 1,000 European citizens in eight categories (quality of life, welfare, work, ecology, civilization, democracy, human rights and communities). Among 80 finalists, there were six Austrian initiatives: the project of Linz from the Vienna Council for Education, Ebner-Inklusiv-Eschenbach, Jürgen Czernohorszky (SPÖ), the Linz project, the project for Linz, the project of Linz, the project of Linz, the project of the Upper Austrian, launched by Mayor Klaus Luger (SPÖ). State Rudi's land for bees is Anschober (Grüne), WAFF (Vienna Employee Funding Fund), Graz Fund for Rise and Development, and SME Digital's initiative on digitalization, the Digitization and Business Center (BMDW) and the WKÖ started jointly.

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